Rental Property Contents Reports

It amazes me how often property owners and letting agents either fail to draw up a contents report or provide one that is adequate for purpose.Dublin Rental Property

The contents report is one of the most important tenancy documents. It is designed to detail the condition of a rental property and the contents before a tenancy commences and when a tenancy ends.
A good document benefits both landlords and tenants and can prevent disputes from arising during and at the end of tenancy.

A contents report should list every item in a property, room by room and include outside space such as balconies, gardens, sheds and garages. Make sure to describe each item in detail, note the quantity and condition.

Sample Contents

Particular attention should be paid to contentious items and these are the oven, hob, dishwasher and fridge freezer. Detailed photographs should be taken showing the inside and outside of each of the units.

Even if the property is unfurnished it is essential to detail items such as carpets, sinks, tiling, colour of walls etc as these are very costly to replace or repair if they are damaged.

Before  a tenancy commences systematically go through each room and item in the contents report with the tenant and ensure that the document is signed and dated by the tenant.

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