Top 6 Tips for Tenants

Tenant-Top-TipsWith a restricted supply of rental property on the market, it’s a dogfight out there to try and secure a property to rent. By following these Top 6 Tips for Tenants you will improve your chances of renting that property.

Setting a budget

Remember the bills! There is no point viewing properties that you cannot afford. Don’t forget to factor in costs on top of rent such as refuse charges, electricity and gas charges, water rates and any other charges that you will be liable for.

Develop a Relationship with Letting Agents

We do not mean that you spend your Saturday nights with them in the pub, just pick up the phone and let them know the type of property that you require, your budget, when you are ready to move and email your references.

Set up Alerts

While developing a relationship with a letting agent can be of benefit, you will only be notified of properties that the particular agent is renting out, so sign up for email alerts with . You can specify the type of property, areas, budget, number of bedrooms and you will be emailed properties that meet your criteria when they are advertised.


Bring up to date references along to the viewing or email them to the agent/landlord before the viewing. Most agents/landlords will insist on two references and this usually consists of a current landlord reference, bank and/or an employee reference.

Your current landlord reference should have the landlords contact details and your employer reference needs to be on headed paper with the relevant contact details.

You will also need to submit a copy of your ID and give your PPS number, however hold off supplying these until you have been informed that the property is yours to rent.

Treat it like an interview

Make it easy for the landlord/agent to pick you. If by just turning up to a viewing you expect the agent to let the property to you, you will be disappointed. Tell the agent why they should pick you and explain why you are the perfect tenant for the property and most important of all, show up early!

Keep Smiling

You need to be realistic and expect knock backs. If you are unsuccessful in your attempt to secure a property, take it on the chin and ask the agent for some feedback. The chances are that you are going to bump into that agent in the future and sometimes the preferred tenants reference checks fail to meet requirements and you are next in line for the property.

Tenant Ready, no let no fee, no RTB fee, simple.


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Senior Property Administrator