Auction Properties for Less Than One Year’s Rent

It has been a while since we compared the advised maximum reserves of the lots on offer at the Allsop Auction to the rents in Dublin.

The next Auction is taking place in the RDS on the 28th April and we have identified three potential owner occupier and investor properties that are less or equivalent to one years rent in Dublin.shutterstock_128677274 copy

According to the Q4 2015 rental report the average rent in South Dublin was €1,625 per month or €19,500 per annum.

Lot 67 – Two Bed Apartment Wexford with a maximum reserve of €20,000 and the potential to generate a rental income of €5,400 per annum.

Lot 191 – 3 Bed House Tipperary with a maximum reserve of €15,000. This property would make a decent family home but also has the potential to generate  rental income in excess or €6,000 per annum.

Lot 177 – 5 Bed House Athlone with a maximum reserve of €20,000. Again this property has the potential to make a great family home and has the option to generate a rental income in excess of €9,000 per annum.

Tenant Ready – No Let, No Fee, No PRTB Fee, Simple.


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Senior Property Administrator